That's a Great Question...

Medic alert solutions enable rapid identification of patients with a number of illnesses, which can make them unable to communicate their illness to others.

As an example – Diabetes:

Medical alert bracelets can be extremely important for people with diabetes.  Should you have a low blood glucose reaction and suddenly become confused or unresponsive, the bracelet allows immediate identification of the problem to both bystanders and paramedics.  The sooner the low blood glucose reactions can be identified, the sooner they can be treated.

Paramedics within South Africa are trained to scan a patients wrists and neck for emergency medical information.

As a result the ID tag makes your critical medical information available to paramedics with the addition of your ICE information. This is critical to allow the paramedics to provide the correct treatment as swiftly as possible, ultimately saving time and possibly your life.

Should you be a caregiver, it is recommended that ID tags are also worn to ensure those under your care are also taken care of by making this information known to the emergency personnel.

…for your peace of mind and safety we urge you to ensure you get yourself or your loved ones covered.