Medic alert jewellery options in South Africa were once limited, perhaps monotonous and unappealing.

Our passion is to change this by providing a stylish line of top class, elegant medic alert ID & ICE solutions that will appeal to everyone.

Our Bracelets…

We strive to provide a fashionable range of compatible medic alert jewellery options. Our aim is to steadily expand on our available range, in order to provide you with an extensive range of compatible bracelet strands. Providing you with an array of options when combining your compatible medic alert ID tag with any variation of our bracelets.
Essentially providing you with the elasticity to combine or exchange your medic alert ID tag with any style you find attractive.

To supplement our range of compatible, beaded medical alert jewellery, we also supply luxurious cuffs and flexible medic alert ID bracelets as well as a consistently growing range of medical ID’s, jelly bands for kids and athletic bands.

If you are interested in a robust option for use during exercise, a simple option for the daily grind or something appropriate for a special event? Then Style Alert has the superb medic alert ID solution to match your needs.

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